Nutrients Of Focus

Ideally everyone should put some thoughts into planning their diet in order to provide adequate amount of energy and nutrients for their needs. Nutrients of focus in animal-free diets fall into 3 categories:  
1) Nutrients which are absent (or virtually absent) in plant foods (e.g., DHA/EPA, vitamin B12, preformed vitamin A).  
2) Nutrients which are present in unreliable and/or low quantities (e.g., iodine, selenium).  
3) Nutrients in plants which are low in bioavailability (e.g., zinc, iron)*.  

*Technically, most nutrients from plants are lower in bioavailability compared to animal-based foods. But oftentimes, this doesn’t present a cause for concern.  

These hyperlinks will take you to the nutrients of focus so you can learn about how to plan your meals or alternatively consider supplementation if it is more convenient for you:

Vitamin A
Vitamin B12
Other vitamins B
Vitamin D
Omega 3 Fatty Acids

If you decide to supplement you may need to run this by your doctor first – especially if you take medication – as they may interact. 

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