What Is An Animal-Free Diet?

An animal free diet is devoid of animal products; it’s another term for a vegan diet.  

People adopt animal-free diets for a variety of reasons (religious, ethical, environmental, health).   

I focus my energy on the question of how to plan animal-free diets for good health and function. This partly involves facing potential challenges associated with plant-based diets and identifying solutions. 

There is an idea circulating in the vegan community that if one consumes enough calories from a variety of plant-based foods everything will fall into place. Unfortunately, this idea is out of step with reality. I strongly suspect poor planning often causes people to abandon vegan diets; as this can result in nutrient imbalances, lethargy, reduced function etc.  

On the other hand, well-planned animal-free diets can meet all our nutrition needs and help us to thrive. 

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